China’s Contaminated Drinking Water

Chemicals in the Water

China’s Contaminated Drinking Water

May 24, 2016

New statistics show that in Beijing, China, more than 80% of the water from underground wells used by farms, factories and households across the populated plains of China is unfit for drinking or bathing because of contamination from industrial and agricultural pollution.

In this study, over 2,000 wells from small towns and villages were tested for health-threatening pollutants. The New York Times shared the contaminants that were found in well water included manganese, fluoride and triazoles, a set of compounds used in fungicides. In some areas, there was pollution caused by heavy metals. Although most Chinese cities draw from deep reservoirs that were not part of this study, Chinese citizens are now aware of the shocking results that were found.

Air pollution has always been one of China’s major environmental issues, but now water is front in line. The latest statistics shown by the Chinese news media reported that most surface level water reserves are so contaminated, the water is fit only for industrial use.  Most cities, however, get their water from reservoirs that are hundreds or thousands of feet below the surface, which is taxing the deep aquifers.

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