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Waterfall Archives

Stories and News on Water in our Environment, Health, Recreation and Gardening - as they were sent to our subscribers.   


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                                            2006 Waterfall Archives Listing
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              December 28, 2006                    Ocean Cod. Sydney Australia Running Out of Water, Decreasing Water 
                                                                      Supplies in the US High Plains, No Fluoride - Information on 
                                                                      Fluoridiation,  Using the Red Sea to Save the Dead Sea, Sale on
                                                                      Undercounter Fluoride Water Purifier.
              December 12, 2006                    Musings from an Upturned Canoe in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean.
                                                                      New Streaming Newsfeed on, Wasting Water May
                                                                      Soon Be Illegal, Everglades Restoration, 15% Discount on All Products
                                                                      for Waterfall Readers.

              November 29, 2006                    Hot Springs Floataway.  Solar Water Cleaning, Cleaning Arsenic, 
                                                                      Rain Water Catch, Pakistan & India Work on Water Together, 
                                                                      Trawling Continues, 15% Christmas Discount for Readers.

              November 9, 2006                      Are the Gods Angry?  Gulf Coast Bays, Reverse River Flow, Ancient
                                                                      Lampry, Curbing Bottom-Trawling, North Carolina Water Conservation,
                                                                      Australian Water Costs and Water Tanks, Drink Water to Lose Weight,
                                                                      India & Pakistan Work on Water Together, Arizona Tough Water 
                                                                      Decisions, Save Rain Water Catch, Bath Ball Blowout.

               October 26, 2006                       Glacial Missoula Lake Floods.  Alaska Warming Shrinking Water 
                                                                      Bodies, Water Loss in Australia, Farmers Told to Move to the Water,
                                                                      Oyster Water Contamination, Save Water Catch, Discount on Water 

               October 12, 2006                       A Man, A Woman and A Canoe.  Water Privitization in the US, India
                                                                      and UK, Clean Water for Children, Water-absorbent Soil Additive, 
                                                                      Water Purifiers, Special Discount for Readers.

               September 28, 2006                   A Drive through Glacier National Park.  Olde English Rhymes, Wave
                                                                      Energy, Geothermal, Hydropower, Drink Water for Headaches, Save 
                                                                      Water with Water-Absorbent Soil Additive.

               September 14, 2006                   Piranha Bites, Betta Fights & Making Babies.  Hurricanes to Increase,
                                                                      Pacific Northwest Makah,  English Water Threat, Global Crisis, Water
                                                                      Purifiers, Reader Discount on Water Purifiers.           

               August 30, 2006                         Naked in the Mediterranean, Anti-Terror Bluegills, Water Conservation 
                                                                      Growing, Natural Oak Tree Bubbler, Water Purifiers.

               August 10, 2006                         Wash Your Insides, the Healer Said.  Drought, Bottled Water Study, 
                                                                      Australia Aquifers, Water Filters, Flouride Water Purifter, AquaLaugh, 
                                                                      Noodlehead Very Special Offer.
               July 27, 2006                             Why Wouldn't the Fish Breed? Erie Lake Dropping, Dry Lake
                                                                      in Lakeland Florida, Dry Gardening in England, Desalinization
                                                                      in Australia, Fluoride Removal Drinking Water Purifier, Kitchen Water 
                                                                      Purifiers, Noodlehead Very Special Offer.

               July 20, 2006                              True Rain by Corinne, Water in Australia, Water in India, Water in
                                                                      Outer Space, The New Jersey Ocean Shore, Chlorine Danger, 
                                                                      Shower Water Purifiers, Chemical-Free Pool Water Purifiers.

               July 13, 2006                              A Frog Came Through the Cat Door, Dolphins Have Names,
                                                                       Honeywell Rain Gauge, Half Delhi Water Bodies Gone Dry,
                                                                       'Bad Land' Book Review
               June 29, 2006                             Ocean Kayaking, Drugged Drinking Water, Old Canoe Found,
                                                                       Filtering Water Bottle, Shower Water Purifier,
                                                                       All Products Discounts

               June 15, 2006                             Real Food Served in Schools, Book Review: Northwest Coast 
                                                                       Explorations, No Clown Water Fights, Salty Drinking Water
                                                                       Garden Water Purifiers - AquaMate, Noodlehead Sprinklers

               June 1, 2006                               Poppy Swam from Ireland, Island Stories: Pitcairn Descendents,
                                                                       Coral Reefs, Cloud Seeding, Beer on Tap
                                                                       Garden Water Purifiers - AquaMate, Noodlehead Sprinklers

               May 18, 2006                              Aboriginal Water Tunnels, Moon Water, River Trash Art,
                                                                       Noodlehead Sprinklers Very Special Offer

               May 4, 2006                                Using Water, Not Wasting It.  Noodleheads in the Garden, Antartica 
                                                                       Melting, Canoe Race Cancelled for Lack of Water, Hot Tub Missing
                                                                       Noodlehead Sprinklers Very Special Offer

                                  Save Water.  Filter Water.  Celebrate Water.


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