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THE WATERFALL              



      Aqua Air Air Purifier

          The Aqua Air 
          Air Cleaner & 

Very popular, now with an additional discount.  If you already got yours you know how good it is, so this is a good time to get another or get one as a gift.

If the air is dry, this air cleaner adds humidity.  If air is moist, it adds very little.

Our store price is $89.95

Air Purifier.

Aqua Air Air Purifier Aromatherapy Oils

Fragrances now in full ounce bottles.

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      Water Softener

Many places around the country now don't allow water softeners. This alternative will do what you need, both cleaning your pipes out and keeping them clean.  No salt.  No plumber.  No maintenance. No shipping charge.  No risk. 

Try it for 120 days.  If you aren't happy, send it back for a full refund.

                                                                    Water Softener Alternative.

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         Scarcity in the
           Arab World

The Arab World, one of the driest regions on the planet, will experience severe water scarcity as early as 2015.  By then, Arabs will have to survive on less than 500 cubic meters of water a year each, or below a tenth of the world average of more than 6,000 cubic meters per capita.

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