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Water Filter Products is a resource for water filtration; for products, please visit our store.

Additionally, when there is information that you might find useful, we create a more detailed  description on this, the main site. is a family-owned business founded in January 2006 by Lalaan and Timothy Hickey. We only sell products that do what they are supposed to do, are fairly priced and well-backed by the manufacturers - and that we feel good about selling and supporting.

The descriptions on this site and in our online store provide a great amount of detail, and are as accurate as we can make them. While we show some specific test results on filters, we recommend against an over-reliance on tests. They do provide indicators, but only a snapshot - based on one set of parameters. Actual situations vary; chemistry is complicated. What is most important is that you get good filters with as much of the right filter material possible.

The Guaranty On All Products: You may return any purchase within 90 days for a full refund.  Additional manufacturer warranties apply.

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