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Water Catch

A Wonderful New Design
for a Lightweight & Collapsible

Rain Water Catch

to Save Water

The pictures demonstrate this great rain water catch better than words can.
It's lightweight and collapsible,
and can be set up very quickly and easily.

You know that at we're trying to save water.
What could beat this?

It was suggested to the designer that he create something for those African countries where the rain falls heavy and hard - but then runs off and the people quickly are short
good clean drinking water again.

We submitted this design and won an international award in February of 2007.
To see the press release, click on Press Releases.

But of course this rain water catch will work anyplace.

This product is not yet in production.

To see Rain Barrels & Rain Collection Systems
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If you are interested in learning more or getting one or more of the Rain Water Catch
 described on this page,
please contact us directly at and

ask about the Rain Water Catch.

As we gather enough interest we can start getting them produced.

Data Points:

The area of the collector is 50.17 square feet
The dimensions are as follows:
Collector -  85" x 85" x 20 1/2 "
Box - 31" x 31" x 27"
The unit is entirely collapsible
The closed dimension is 23.6" x 7" x 5"
There are separate tie-downs for both parts
The rope will hold 20 KGS weight
The weight of the entire unit is 8.5 kgs. (#1)

One inch of rainfall will result in 7.52 inches of water in the box
One inch of water is 4.16 gallons
One foot of water in the box is 49.92 gallons
The box will hold 112 gallons

One gallon of water weighs 8.345 pounds
Full, the box would weigh 934 pounds

There are two versions possible.
They are the same except for the thickness/weight of the collector fabric.
1.  0.55mm PVC tarpaulin for box and
0.15mm PVC for collector with diameter .9.5mm FRP.

Estimated price is $130
2.  0.55mm PVC tarpaulin for all water catch including box and collector with diameter 9.5mm FRP. 

Estimated price is $145

Our expectation is that we can lower prices if quantities manufactured are increased

Other Thoughts About Usage:

Please note, these are some of our 'considerings'.  We'd like to hear what you think. Please email us any ideas or information to

Opinions on rainfall pH vary (as with everything).  "Standard" pH is slightly acidic at 5.6.  Acid rain is obviously more acidic.  Rain has been measured at 4.2 to 5.0 in most of the Eastern US.  Is water of this acidity okay for humans?  We defer to the UN and Agroforestry Centre study and report.  Click here to see summary:  Harvest Rain. 

Additionally, note the acidity of the following foods:
apples and soft drinks - 3.0, bananas - 4.6, carrots - 5.0, tomatoes - 4.2, lemon juice - 2.0.
If anyone feels the need to alter pH, that's easy to do.  Aquarium and pond shops are among the places you can get kits to measure and adjust pH.

The most endearing response so far is the suggestion that people buy one for themselves and donate another. 

You can see more photos of the Water Catch below:

harvest rain water with the rain water catch

rain water collector

rain water collector box

rain water collector with screen

rain water collector tie-down

Tie at the corner of the rain water collector.

rain water collector folded up

Folded up

rain water collector ground clamp

Ground clamp for rain water box

rain water collector tie-down clamp

Tie down spike for rain water collector

This water catch is not yet in production.  If we can put together an order for 100, we can get them built.  The designer has created and sold thousands of collapsible greenhouses and is using well-proven design methods and materials.  To see examples of currently available products, click on Collapsible Greenhouses.

If you have some interest in buying one or more Rain Water Catch, please let us know.
There is no obligation; we just want to see how many are interested to see if we can put together an order.

For information on a UN report that the harvest of rain water could solve Africa's water crisis, click on Harvest Rain.

To see Rain Barrels & Rain Collection Systems
we DO have for sale now,
visit our
Rain Collectors in our Gardening Store.

You can reach us at or 866-482-6803
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