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True Rain



True Rain  by Corinne


Rain falls and I grow happier with each falling drop, each storm, each downfall.  Rain is the muse of my life, my friend.  Much like the Eskimos have many names for snow I have learned the names for the many types of rain we have in this Northwest part of the country.  I first discovered the idea of many kinds of rain from Tom Robbins, the irreverent and anti-establishment writer who lives in Seattle.  Robbins lives in the Pacific Northwest for the weather.  He has ‘a proclivity for precipitation’ and for the magic of the rain, rain forests, mushrooms, moss, slugs, marshes and sloughs.


Robbins writes:  “And it will rain a fever.  And it will rain a sacrifice.  And it will rain sorceries and saturnine eyes of the totem.  Rain will primitize the cities, slowing every wheel, animating every gutter, diffusing commercial neon into smeary blooms of esoteric calligraphy.  Rain will dramatize the countryside, sewing pearls into every web, winding silk around every stump, redrawing the horizon line with a badly frayed brush dipped in tea.  And it will rain an omen.  And it will rain a trance.  And it will rain a seizure.  And it will rain dangers and pale eggs of the beast.”


Yes, I’m here for the weather.  I’m here for the stinging rain that hurts my skin when it pours on late Summer afternoons and for the sleeping rain that blesses the night and puts me to sleep.  Water will stream off the roof when angry rain falls, it will take on the color of grey and hiss.  Jewelry rain drops like little colored gems, a little different than Christmas light rain which is white and clings to the branches or leafs of the trees lighting the whole.


Bird rain has the sound of bird song.  Pea green rain looks like green peas falling from the sky.  Rosy rain drops are not pink in color but all the light changes to a rosy shade when this Spring rain falls.  A young rain is one I feel intuitively – I close my eyes and sense that these rain drops have never fallen before, this is there first time dropping to earth. I am very quiet when this rain comes.


In my garden seed blessing rain will fall just after I’ve planted young plants or seeds.  I find this rain most amazing.  When I first moved to Portland Oregon it would come every time I planted a new plant or seed.  It seems to know when I need it.


Misty rain is sometimes confused first as mist but if you walk slowly through it with your hand up turned you will see it is raining, in slow motion. Run-naked rain is a Summer time rain that encourages you to strip off all your clothes and run naked in your yard – often shouting with glee!  This rain is not to be confused with party rain which brings the birds out in great animated flocks and they have a party with singing, dancing and lots of preening each other.


Good night kiss rain starts just as you’re falling to sleep and you have very romantic dreams that night, unlike romantic rain which makes you wake up and make love for real.


Rivers swell with the stealing down rain that often comes in Fall.  This rain is sometimes confused with Gorge rain, however, Gorge rain can only be found in the Columbia Gorge and it only seems to pour when I am driving on Highway 14.  Gorge rain often sounds like rhythm rain except that you will be compelled to drum, bang, tap or sing when you experience rhythm rain as it has an unmistakable beat to it.


The rains that come quickly through are the flying rains and these tend to move things around in your yard and on the planet.  Flying rain possesses a type of mystical sprit to it one not to be tampered with.  Deep sea rain can cause you to feel sea sick or to feel like you are drowning, either way it is best to sit still when a deep sea rain comes.  Wet sand rain can only be seen at the beach as it leaves large marks in the sand where it has plopped.  Have you ever wanted to open your mouth and take a drink when it rains?  Well that is drinking rain.  This is something you won’t want to do with 33 degree rain, a cold and sharp rain that comes just minutes before snowfall.


The great majority of rain we get in the Pacific Northwest is cup-o-tea rain.  As it falls you find yourself naturally drawn to the kitchen to boil water, steep some nice tea in a favorite pot and enjoy a cup-o-tea while you enjoy yet another beautiful rain storm comforting the world anew.




        Save Water.  Filter Water.  Celebrate Water.

Water In The World

Australia: The Australian Prime Minister has called for a revolution in thinking about Australia's urban water challenges. Mr Howard said cities should embrace water recycling and storm water collection rather than rely on permanent water restrictions. He questions two assumptions that have dominated water infrastructure in the cities. The first is that water should only be used once. The second is that storm water should be carried away to rivers and oceans as quickly as possible. Mr. Howard argues for recycling and harvesting storm water and doesn't think the alternative desalination has much to recommend it. He believes the large cities can get away from water crises and become drought-proof.

India: The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, has set up a board to explore water harvesting and conservation methods. India had plenty of water and water resources, but they need to be conserved well, and to effect this, the public needs to be involved. 


Overall: Governments are losing the fight to tackle the world's water crisis, now one of the greatest causes of mass suffering, a leading aid agency alleged recently. With 1.1 billion people with no access to safe water and 2.6 billion people without basic sanitation, the situation is steadily getting worse, in spite of a major pledge by the international community to improve it, according to the UK relief and development agency Tearfund.


Our backyards:  Can we reduce usage and recycle more water than we do now to save water? Can we stop putting damaging chemicals into our clean water?



Water On The Jersey Shore

Normally, the oppressive heat of late would send thousands flocking to the beaches to seek relief in the Atlantic. But with southerly winds ocean water temperatures are remaining in the 50s — too cold for many. "It's ungodly hot on the beach, but the water is numbing," said one beachgoer.

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Chemical-Free Natural Pool Filters!

Water filters specific for pools with or without skimmers, spas and hot tubs. Now you can swim, soak or play in clean, healthy water.

Natural Pool Filters.

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Water In Space

Astronomers found traces of ocean water in asteroid-like objects floating near Jupiter. They believe that the water may have come from icy comets beyond Neptune that originated close to earth.This is a rare discovery so close to the sun; previously only dry asteroids were found in that area. The astronomers believe that a collision dug a hole into the three asteroids, exposing the water which had previously been shielded from the sun.
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Chlorine Danger

The EPA has stated that every household in the US has elevated levels of chloroform in the air due to chlorine from showering water. Chlorine is a suspected cause of breast cancer. shower filters.

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