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Stories 2009


                        The Waterfall Ezine Archives
                                                                 2009, 2010 & 2011

Water-related stories (current and historical, serious and fun), news and health tips about water in our environment, health, gardening and recreation - as they were sent to our Waterfall ezine subscribers.  

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                                           2011 Waterfall Ezine Issues 
                                         Chloramine Issue.  Inline Natural Pool Filters.

                                         Acid Seas.  Salmon in the Thames.  

                          2010 Waterfall Ezine Issues   

                                        Water News & Product DiscountsCanadian Study: Reduce Water Usage by 47% using
                                        Gray Water, World's Largest Water Lilies, Web-based Global Water Management System, 
                                        Wetlands Disappearing, Municipal Bonds Risk Due to Water Shortages, Toxin in Farm 
                                        Aquifers, Lead in NYC Water Supplies, Radioactive Leak from Cleanup Site, Water 
                                        Shortages in Arab World, Water Softener Alternative, Aqua AIr Air Cleaner, Dual Flow 
                                        Toilet Adapter, Laundry Balls.

                                        Tap Report.  Pollutants in US Tap water, Water-Purifying Architecture, Mercury in Fish, 
                                        Arsenic Risks, Arsenic Filters.

                                                         2009 Waterfall Ezine Issues              

   October 2009            Replica of Phoenician Ship Attempts African CircumnavigationWater returns
                                        to the San Joaquin, Water issues with solar power, Southeast drought, Risks of
                                        PCE, E-coli in Georgia Rivers, Green whole-house water filter, Water filter
                                        pitchers, filtering water bottle

   September 2009        Water News Stories.  Sparking Water on Tap, Water Thermal Energy, LA reduces
                                        usage, Iowa, Wyoming, Yes our water filters remove pharmaceuticals, Water 
                                        filter pitcher, filtering water bottle and filtering straw all remove fluoride. 

   May 9, 2009  
            Starting a Community Garden.  Underwater Mailbox.  Waterless Moisture Sensors.
                                        More Aquatic Parks Needed.  Dry Shipwrecks in the Aral Sea.  Special Readers
                                        Discount on Rain Barrels & Rain Collectors.

   March 21, 2009         Grey Water.  Notes from the editor on 'Green & Sustainable'.  IBM Launches Water
                                        Service.  Fish with Transparent Head.  Firefighters Had No Water.  LA Penalizes 
                                        Heavy Water Users.  Water Wheel Consideration.  Noodlehead Water Sprinkler 
                                        Special.  Zeba Quench Readers' Special.

   February 14, 2009
 Water Caretakers.  New Air Purifiers in Store.  Average Water Usage.  New
                                        Chloramine Site.  Fluoride & Chloramine Health Risks.  Fluoride & Chloramine
                                        Water Filters.

                                 Celebrate Water.  Save Water.  Filter Water.

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