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Stories 2008

                   The Waterfall Ezine 2008 Archives


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                                                            2008 Waterfall Ezine Issues              

December 7, 2008            Colorado River in Trouble.   Bluegills serve as
                                                        water quality monitors. 
                                                        Breast Cancer Action water bottle success.   
                                                        Massachusetts MBTE settlement.  
                                                        Oregon Dams may come out.

November 11, 2008          Drugs in the Water Supply - should we be concerned?  Gulf of
                                                        Alaska glaciers melting.  'Environmental refugees' - people may be
                                                        forced to abandon some areas due to global warming.  Randy
                                               - a Costa Rican program for kids.  Tropical fish in 
                                                        Rhode Island.

June 17, 2008               Building with Water - exploring the water pavilion and other
                                           building of water.  Discount for readers on Evolve 
                                           Showerheads that save energy and water.  Lita Lee on
                                           the benefits of coconut water.  Part of California using
                                           recycled water for irrigation.

June 3, 2008                 
UN Water Report - big water issues for years to come.  
                                           AquaAir Air Cleaner, Humidifier, Ionizer & Aromatherapy dispenser,
                                           South-East Australia:  Water for honey bees and leaky $2M dollar
                                           recycling tank.  Iowa water quality grants.  New scientific
                                           book Deep Water Coral Reefs.


                                Celebrate Water.  Save Water.  Filter Water.

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