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Water Stories

                          The Waterfall Ezine Archives                        

Water-related stories (serious and fun), news and health tips addressing water in our Environment, Health, Recreation and Gardening - as they were sent to our Waterfall ezine subscribers.  

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Archives of 2007 Stories
December 4, 2007                   Safe Water for African Children, a Water Projects International Story.  
                                                                   Kitchen and Shower Water Filter Special Sale for Readers, Water
                                                                   Crisis - Comments from Maude Barlow, Hydropacks and Insulated 
                                                                   Bags Special Discount for Readers, Continued Drought Predicted
                                                                   This Winter in the US Southwest and Beyond.

October 11, 2007                    Desalination TwoPINK Shower Filter and PINK Bath Ball Water Filter.
                                                                    Australia Agriculture, Central Turkey Water Table Dropping, Ancient 
                                                                    Syrian Aqueducts Recovered, Himalayan Glaciers Melting.

September 13, 2007                Desalination.  PINK TurboShower Shower Filter, PINK Bath Ball Water
                                                                     Filter, New York City Campaign Against Bottled Water, Beijing China's
                                                                     "Fake" Water,  Clean Water a Major Priority for China, Walls of Water,
                                                                     Water on a Far Planet.

June 29, 2007                         Listening to Nature.

May 29, 2007                         Dad's Story.  Special Discounted Fathers Day Gifts, Low Water
                                                                      Low Water in Washington State, Low Water in Alabama, Allergens
                                                                      Health Tip, Southern Ocean Nearing CO2 Saturation Point.

May 15, 2007                         Oceans & Arctic Ice.   Water Bottle Recycling is Declining,
                                                                      Too Much Lye in Drinking Water in Spencer Mass, Low Water
                                                                      Levels in Lake Superior, Low Water Levels in Everglades, 
                                                                      Thames Water in the UK plans to prohibit watering vegetables,
                                                                      Fisherman is the Most Dangerous Job, Noodhead Sprinklers 
                                                                      Zeba Quench Soil Amendment.

May 1, 2007                          The Secret Knowledge of Water. Book Review, News Stories.
                                                                      Drugs in Drinking Water, Fish Species Dead by 2048, Droughts 
                                                                      in U.S., Artic Ocean Circulation Reversing. 

April 18, 2007                       Earth Day 2007, April 22nd.  Earth Day history, links, activities,
                                                                      festivities and ideas - like stop buying bottled water!        

April 4, 2007                         Interconnectivity - A God's Eye ViewDecrease in Middle East 
                                                                      Water Supplies, Effects of Climate Change, Great Prices on
                                                                      Portable Greenhouses.

March 20, 2007                      World Water DayStories, news and links. 

March 7, 2007                        It's All Connected. Colorado River Drought. California Water 
                                                                     Supply Drought in San Joaquin River. Glorious Spring Garden
                                                                     Combo Products. Collapsible Greenhouse and Row Covers. 

February 21, 2007                  Clean Water, Clean Lakes.  Rain Water Catch Recognized, Australia
                                                                     May Need to Drink Recycled Water, Montana and Wyoming Water
                                                                     Fight, US Ocean Priorities, Alternative Lawncare, Georgia Dugout 
                                                                    Canoe, Whole House Water Filters and Whole House Water Filter 


February 7, 2007                   Cool Clear Water - A Devil Not A Man. Water Running Low in India
                                                                     and China, Dead Ducks in Chlorine Basin in Denver, Chlorine is
                                                                     Carcinogenic, Iraq Marshes are Rebounding, Arsenic Water Filters
                                                                     for Bangladesh      

January 24, 2007                   A Wedding on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. No Water for Migratory
                                                                     Birds at Wetland in India, Rivers Drying in New Hampshire, Australia's
                                                                     Victorian Government Against Privitazation, Chlorine and Cancer 
                                                                     Linked by Research Study, Special Offer for Chlorine Water Filters 
                                                                     for Drinking Water and Chlorine Bath Water Filters and Chlorine 
                                                                     Shower Water Filters.

January 10, 2007                  Fluoride Toxicity.  Discussion of Home 
                                                                     Water Filtration Methods,  North Pole Melting, Solar Bear Artwork,
                                                                     Link to No Fluoride Page, Fluoride Water Purifiers, Phytoplanton
                                                                     Critical and At Risk, Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe, Hand Washing
                                                                     with Soap and Water, Mid-East Cooperation on Water.

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