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                                                                                                N.I.,  Maryland

"I have never been treated so well by a business.  
I was speechless and very grateful I had chosen this company."
                                                       Janine Pusti  M.D.

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You can save money all the time on selected products in our store like fluoride water filters, chloramine water filters, whole house filters, radiation water filters, water filter pitchers, shower filteres, rain barrels, garden water sprinklers, cool vests, air purifiers and other products to celebrate, save and filter water.

our offices are in California
we ship from different places

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for water softener alternatives, water filters, fluoride filters, chlorine filters, radiation water filters, virus and bacteria water filters, chlorine water filters, water filter pitchers, perchlorate filters, mtbe water filters, filtering water bottles, radiation filtering water bottles, fluoride filtering water bottles, chloramine filters, nitrate filters, whole house filters, whole house chloramine water filters, kdf water filters, carbon water filters, shower filters, bath ball water filters, natural pool water filters, garden water filters;

travel filters, UV hand-held water purifiers, emergency preparedness units, Berkey Water Filters, camping water filters;
insulated bottles, kid's water bottles and kids insulated bottles, the AquaAir air purifier - aromatherapy dispenser;     
Noodlehead garden sprinklers, rain barrels, rain collection systems, collapsible portable greenhouses

cool vests, cooling clothes, ladies' cooling vests, women's cooling vests, evaporative cooling clothes, dry Kula cool vests, phase-change cooling clothes.            

Nearly all of our items are sold below list price.  Many items are additionally discounted now.
We subsidize most shipping charges.

        The Guaranty:
     In addition to all manufacturer guarantees -
        Return any purchase within 90 days for a full refund.

Our online store assigns shipping costs for products US & Canada delivery only.
For international ordering, send us YOUR ADDRESS and PRODUCT(S) for shipping rates. 
      is an online store only

We ship from different places around the country.

 You can reach us toll-free in California at

  Our offices are at:
  14618 Tyler Foote Road
  Nevada City, CA 95959 

  We'll help if we can.
            Fastest response on average is by email.
    We cover the phones live for hours each day, but not all the time.
  Leave a message, we will call you back soon.

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