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Pool & Spa Filters

                                            For Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs

                                  Power Disk Natural Pool Filters
                                  for Clean Water in Your Pool, Spa or Tub

Aren't you tired of all that chlorine? These pool filters use a natural system to filter pool water through a series of Power Disks. The result is excellent, clean, chlorine-free water for swimming pools - through filtration rather than through chemicals. 

                                         Soaking in Chlorine is bad for you!

Chlorine attacks organic matter; your body's largest organ is your skin!. Chlorine irritates eyes, noses and lungs and it leaves skin and hair dry and flaky. And how much more frequently do you have to buy bathing suits due to chlorine? Studies have shown that long-term exposure to chlorine can be harmful to your health. And we absorb more chlorine through the skin than through drinking water. Hydrogen peroxide alternatives to chlorine can cause allergic reactions and can permeate the pool walls. These pool filters don't use any chemicals - and create healthy clean water in your pool

                                                  State of the Art Water Filtration

These Filter Foam Natural Pool Filter Systems clean water with a state-of-the-art form of KDF® copper-zinc media which has been molded, via a proprietary process, into a hard disk that looks like a gold sponge. KDF is excellent at removing chlorine for long periods of time while also maintaining a bacteriostatic environment in the filter. These filters meet NSF Standards 42 and 61 and have been tested to remove heavy metals and inorganics as well as chlorine from water. In other words, they'll do what you need done.

The filters release low residual copper and zinc ions into the water which prevents algae and fungus growth. Filtration inside the pool system takes place as the water twists and turns through the filter's maze of copper-zinc fibers. This motion increases contact time with the disks as the water is continually circulated through the openings. Because the reticulated foam media is hard, it cannot be compacted, and the filter is not subject to channeling or clogging. No backwashing of these filters is necessary.

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                                                   A Natural Process

These natural pool filter systems use an all-natural process that works by catalytic action and the reduction/oxidation principal of dissimilar metals. As water passes through the Power Disks, a chemical reaction causes zinc and copper hydroxides to form in controlled amounts. These controlled releases of copper and zinc oxides are carried into the filtered water where they kill bacteria and provide hostile conditions for algae and fungus growth. This means cleaner water and much more pleasant time in and around the pool.  

                                           Less Work for a Healthier Pool

This also means less time and work to keep the pool water clean and natural. These pool filters also safeguard the pool's plumbing and equipment because pipes are protected against the corrosive effects of chlorine. Your chemical costs will become minimal. If excessive bather load or severe rain or wind conditions tax the pool water, you can use a one-time shock treatment with potassium monopersulfate or other disinfectant without the pool filters in, then put them back in 12 hours later. The problem is solved.  Note that it isn't likely you will need to do this.  It's just good to know that you can.

Natural pool filters with Power Disks also help to neutralize slightly acidic water, thereby reducing the use of pH chemicals. Install the appropriately-sized Filter Foam Natural Pool Filter System and swim in clear, clean water - free of chlorine. No electricity or ozone is needed. To assure quality performance, water should be allowed to circulate through the Filter Foam Pool Water Purifier System for at least eight hours a day.  For pools without skimmers, you install these systems in-line into the pool's existing PVC plumbing system.  Pool water is treated as it circulates through the system.

Complete installation instructions will come with your filters. The skimmer water filter is a single large disk which lasts 4 months. 

The 30,000 gallon pool system uses 12 smaller disks.  The 15,000 gallon in-line natural pool system use 6.  This technology allows at least six to eight months use before the disks need to be replaced, and even longer! Filter Foam's Power Disk natural pool filter technology makes refilling as simple as dropping out the old disks and popping in the new!  Fittings can be equipped with 2" or 1 1/2" sizes, just let us know when you order. 

There is the usual 30 day return for any reason from, and the manufacturer warranties the housing on a prorated basis for two years. 

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                       Natural Pool Water Filters

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