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THE WATERFALL              

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NEW Green Whole House Filter!
Green whole house filter,eco whole house water filters

Our manufacturing partner has introduced a new whole house filter that does a thorough job and costs less than other effective whole-house filters. The patented-process kdf makes it several times more effective! 

Now available in a 2-media, single-tank whole house water filter.
Combining carbon with kdf makes the carbon last much longer, and prevents bacteria from growing, as it otherwise could.

NEW Whole House Filter

Risks of PCE in Water Supply

If a pregnant woman drinks water contaminated with the solvent perchloroethylene (PCE) during pregnancy, risk of neural tube defects and oral clefts in her newborn increases, according to research reported in Environmental Health.

Tetrachloroethylene, the source of the contamination, is a chemical used in dry cleaning and metal products. In animal studies it has been linked with several malformations, including the cardiovascular system, musculo-skeletal system, central nervous system, and defects in the eyes. Epidemiological studies have also found prenatal exposure to solvents resulted in a 60% increased risk of major birth defects.

High E-coli Levels in Georgia Rivers

E-coli bacteria levels in the Chattahoochee River were reported to be 42 times greater than the highest safe level after a sewage treatment plant in metro Atlanta was overrun by flood water late in September.

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