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Harvest Rain

UN Report Says Rain Water Harvest
Could Solve Africa's Water Woes

A new report from the UN on a study conducted with the World Agroforestry Centre delivers some astonishing results.  In many countries the shortage of clean water can be entirely resolved by the harvesting of rain water.  In some countries, this could supply six or seven times the current need and provide security against future droughts.  About a third of Africa is suitable for rain water harvesting, as long as at least 200 millimeters of rain falls.

The director general of the World Agroforestry Centre, Dennis Garrity, said:  "In the popular mind, Africa is seen as a dry continent.  But overall, it actually has more water resources per capita than Europe.  However, much of Africa's rain comes in bursts, and is rapidly swept away or is never collected.  The time has come to realise the great potential for greatly enhancing drinking water supplies and smallholder agricultural production by harvetsting more fo the rain when and where it falls." 

The report urges governments and donors to invest more widely in technology that is low cost, simple to deploy and maintain, and able to transform the lives of households, communities and countries Africa-wide.  The report says "The water crisis in Africa is more of an economic problem from lack of investment, and not a matter of physical scarcity." 

A pilot project in a Kenyan Maasai community improved supplies and eliminated the need for a long, 10k daily hike to collect river water.  The Kenyan government announced that it will now require that all new buildings include capacity for rain water collection and storage.  And now the water is of better quality - much cleaner. 

Not all water can be collected.  Some needs to fall to go into natural bodies of water for people downstream and nature.  But in areas where it rains for six months, then not at all, rain water harvesting can solve many problems.

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