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Handheld Water Purifiers

                 Handheld Water Purifiers




With options for
battery-run, rechargeable batteries, AC adapters, hand-cranked and solor power!

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SteriPEN Handheld Water Purifiers

for disinfection of water for international travel, outdoors + emergency preparedness

Key Features:

* Removes to 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa

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*    Effective on giardia + cryptosporidium
and other travel risks including diarrhea and cholera

*    Last up to 8,000 uses

    *    Small and lightweight

*    Easy to use



You put the lamp in water and stir gently.  

Ultraviolet (UV) is a long-proven technology for water purification / disinfection.  UV light is short wave, which is invisible, high energy light.   These purifiers use the UV-C spectrum that destroys the DNA of microbes in seconds. Microbes are rendered harmless.  They can't make you sick or reproduce.  

There is a visible blue light included so you know your purifier is working.

These handheld UV units are water purifiers, not filters.  They work through disinfection by UV light, working on bacteria, viruses and protozoa.  They are not intended for cleaning municipal water, but for untreated water.

Work best on clear water.  If water has a lot of sediment, it is best to filter the sediment out first.  Some use a coffee filter or bandana.



Is the UV light dangerous?

All SteriPEN models are equipped with water sensors that prevent them from being used unless the lamp is under water.  Drinking containers made from glass, ceramic, metal and nearly all plastics block UV-C transmission.  When a SteriPEN lamp is in a drinking vessel, the UV light is well contained.

There are very few materials that are transparent to UV-C light.  These include optical grade quartz (which the lamp material is made of) and a few fluoropolyers in the Teflon family. 

Will the water taste be effected?


How fast do they work?

They work in 48 to 90 seconds.  

Will they work in very cold temperatures?

Yes, they have been successfully used on Kilmanjaro and Everest.  If the temp is below freezing, put the lamp in your interior pocket for a little while to warm it.

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