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Garden Water Sprinkler

Noodlehead Sprinklers


Flexible Garden Sprinklers

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Noodlehead Sprinklers
Let You Reach Every Part of Your Garden
With Just the Right Amount of Water

Save Water with 
The Coolest Garden Water Sprinklers Ever!

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If you have a property with annual, perennial, vegetable or herb gardens of any size or type, or if you have narrow, small or odd-shaped garden or lawn areas you need to water - you will love these high quality, low cost garden sprinklers!

The Noodlehead Garden Sprinklers really deliver what we all want in a water sprinkler.  The only circumstance we can think of where the Noodlehead might not be the best sprinkler fo
r is a large open lawn.  But other situations they'll do exactly what you want like no other water sprinklers will.  They'll help you save water by putting the water just where you want it.

Garden Sprinklers That Save Water by Spraying Where You Want

The great idea behind the Noodlehead Garden Sprinklers is a small head with 12 flexible tubes coming out of it - every tube with three water flows coming out the top, each angled just 5 degrees away from the others.  Each of the tubes is flexible - but stays in the shape you bend it to.  So you can send as much water to whatever spot you want.  Want one plant to get a lot more water than its neighbors?  Point more tubes at it.  These sprinklers are small, light-weight, easy to use and put the water where you want it - in the amounts you want.  This means you and your family save water

Each Noodlehead typically waters 336 to 400 square feet.  It will vary a bit based on your water pressure.  At 45 P.S.I. streams are thrown 20 feet.  (Your pressure should be at least this high if you want it to be.)  If you have 80 P.S.I. the stream can throw up to 30 feet.

You can also use them for small spaces with gentle watering. Save water by targeting just the places where you want to water, and stop watering the areas you don't.

Every Noodlehead comes with a spike you can use when you wish, to secure the garden sprinkler exactly where you want it.

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                                        Use with Your Underground System or
                                     Create Your Own Above-Ground Systems!

You can screw Noodleheads onto existing water sprinkler system risers simply by hand-tightening a plug (included) into the side of your Noodlehead and screwing the base onto your existing 1/2 threaded risers.  Put them on that part of your system where you need more focused spraying.  From looking at our neighbors' yards, that appears to be a lot of places!

For Vegetable Gardens

These garden sprinklers screw right onto your garden hose.  We home gardeners at Friends of Water have been using them for years and we absolutely love them.  Tim, our vegetable gardener, likes to move the sprinklers around his vegetable garden and angle the tubes in varied directions as needed.  It's easy and fun to do.  So when seeds need consistent watering until they sprout, he might leave a Noodlehead in one place with the hose attached and water regularly.  But as things grow and need less watering, he'll move the sprinklers, twist the tubes to aim where he wants, and turn on the hose again.  (You can use an optional shutoff/control valve at the end of the hose.)  So you save water by soaking where you want, lightly watering where you want, and not watering where you want.

The tubes can be angled to water at the roots, as Timothy wants to do for his peas, or he can point the spray more upward to water the leaves of others.  In fact you are able to do both from one garden sprinkler.  Tim will aim enough on the carrots to keep the soil moist, and send more in the other direction to give those garlic more water.  The spray is very gentle, so it can be used on any plant without risk of damage.

As the plants grow over the season, Tim uses the optional "Extend-A-Risers" to lift the garden sprinkler head higher above the plants.  These can be adjusted to three heights - 8, 16 and 24 inches.  So as plants grow taller, you can easily put the sprinkler higher too.  The extenders have a built-in base that provides stability, and you can attach your hose directly into the base.  The water is carried straight up the Extend-A-Riser to the sprinkler head.  By midseason, we have an Extend-A-Riser on each of our sprinklers, and they are all at full height.  We like to screw the spike that comes with each on the bottom of the Extend-A-Riser, which secures them firmly in the garden soil.

                                                                      For Flower Gardens

Corinne is the perennial gardener, and her favorite color is green!  Corinne knows that plants stay green with the right amount of water, and she cherishes our limited water resources.  She might place a few sprinklers around her gardens in places where they'll stay for an entire season.  For mixed perennial and shrub beds she can direct more water on thirsty tender plants and much less on the xeriscape and plants that need less water.  She'll also use extenders to put the water over some plants to reach others in the back. 

Corinne likes to attach the Noodlehead to the hose she uses to water the potted plants on the front porch and the back deck.  The multi-head feature means she can water much more evenly than a typical garden hose, and more gently than even the lowest setting will allow on your average hose sprayer.

The Noodlehead Garden Sprinklers are just right for rose bushes.  The inventor has 86 rose bushes on his property.  He uses his sprinklers to water at the roots, since roses don't like overhead watering.  (He also reminds us they don't like to go to bed wet - so water earlier in the day.)

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Great for Hard to Get or Odd Shaped Areas

The Noodlehead Sprinkler will adapt to any shape or pattern you want!  Do you have a narrow stretch of garden or lawn that you've never been able to get the right sprinkler for?  Don't pay to put in six pop-up sprinkler heads.  You can save a bundle by using one sprinkler instead!

If you have a spot where you want to set up a Noodlehead and leave it, it's quick and easy to just screw it back on the hose when you are ready to water.  You can do that without disturbing the tubes.  (We find it easiest to lift the head and spin it onto the hose.)  Of course if you're using the heads on your underground system risers or a permanent hose, you don't need to do anything.

Stop losing plants here and there because your sprinkler didn't reach them!

The Extend-A-Riser is a great option for watering some hard to get places too.  These might include watering past bushes or one taller plant to get to another.  You can use this to create a very effective but inexpensive above-ground sprinkler system.

Mary Lou Heard of Heard's Country Gardens & Nursery in Westminster CA had this to say:  "There is a landscaped area between the house and the garage with a walkway between the kitchen door and the garage service door.  This area is also fenced off about 8 feet to the left and right.  Every single sprinkler I've tried always got water on the fence, windows or walls.  With this amazing Noodlehead I now can water the entire area evenly and not get water on any walls or even on the walkway!"

If you have a situation where you want to mount the Noodlehead, that's easy to do too.  Each one has three holes in the housing so you can attach it to a fence, a wall, or under an eave or overhang.

Save Money - Save Water

As you have no doubt figured out by now, these sprinklers are fantastic to put water where you want it.  And that means not putting water where you don't want it!  There is no need to use garden sprinklers that throw water onto your driveway or sidewalk just because you can't adjust them well enough to avoid that and still get water where you need it. Save water, don't waste it. 

You can stop watering your wooden fence - wasting water and rotting the fence.  Stop watering the side of your house.  Make it easy to miss the car!

When your garden sprinkler puts water just where you want it - not just in the right part of your yard, but on the exact spots where you want - you'll stop throwing water away and you'll need to run your hose for less time.  Overall, you'll save water, time and money.

We can't calculate your savings, but it seem to us that almost everyone can pay off the cost of these sprinklers in savings in short order.  Of course there is the added benefit of reducing water usage, which is terrific.  We all understand the growing demands on our water resources.  This could be particularly important in drought times and in areas when the amount of water you can use is constrained.  You can do your part to conserve water.

Recognized Quality

The Noodlehead won the "Best New Product of the Year" at the International Hardware Show.  Folks, that the hardware show - imagine the competition.  There were 700 competing products! 

And the Noodlehead won "Best New Product of the Year" at the International Invention Convention.  It was the best of 200 competing new inventions.

There are two stainless steel fine mesh filter washers on each sprinkler head - on for the garden hose thread and another in the bottom, for when you us and Extend-A-Riser.  These mesh filters are washable.  Together with the special nozzle design these really do prevent clogging.

Guaranteed Quality

The Noodlehead Garden Sprinkler System is a great product, and it is priced very reasonably.  You can try it for up to 30 days to be sure you agree.  If you don't you may return it for a full refund. 
And there is a manufacturer's warranty on every one sold for manufacturing defects for a full year.  

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