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Garden Water Filters

            GardenMate Garden Water Filter

                           Get the Chlorine Out
                   of Your Garden Water!

                    To go straight to the GardenMate in the store, click on GardenMate.
                                                   (also known as AquaMate.)

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                                                                            Removes Chlorine

This garden water filter uses a patented PowerDisk Technology.  The PowerDisk is a unique hockey-puck sized disk that fits inside the housing and eliminates chlorine and sediment.  Lead, iron and arsenic are reduced.  Odors are eliminated.  These garden water filters also reduce salt, lime scale, mold, and mildew deposits.  Some areas have a problem with hydrogen sulphide that creates that rotten egg smell.  These garden water filters remove it. 

The filter disk inside is made of material that is completely non-toxic.  The water filter is combination of copper and zinc, known as kdf.  The more common filtering material, carbon, does a good job in some instances, but isn't the best solution to clean water for your garden.  The water moves too fast for the amount of filter material for one thing.  The replaceable disk can be recycled in your metals bin.  Typically you can go a full year without having to change the filter.

                  Reduces Chloramine

We now have a version that will reduce chloramine, too.  Chloramine is harder to take out than chlorine, but due to the FOAM ADVANTAGE, this filter is able to significantly reduce chloramine.

                                                                    Softens Water Without Salt

Some systems employ salts to soften water.  The PowerDisk does its filtering and softening naturally and without salt.

                              For Perennial, Annual and Vegetable Gardens

I've been thinking about how careful I am to maintain my organic vegetable garden.  When I first heard about these garden water filters, it made me realize that I'm watering my organic garden with chemical-laced water!  I really don't want chlorine in my soil or vegetables.  Water filtration is important in the garden too.

Healthy plant nutrition benefits from a living environment.  Chlorine is designed to kill living things!  Many plants rely upon organisms like beneficial bacteria and some fungi, that chlorine kills.  As someone who has done organic gardening for 15 years, was a wholesaler of tropical fish, and has kept a koi pond, I understand that beneficial bacteria is hugely important to a well-balanced environment.  Simply put, plants rely upon beneficial bacteria in the soil to support their food source and help strengthen them against insects, disease and pests.  I've stopped watering with chlorinated water now.

  To go straight to the GardenMate in the store, click on GardenMate.

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                                     Hobo isn't the only animal who prefers clean dechlorinated water.  
                                To go straight to the GardenMate in the store, click on GardenMate.

                 All the birds and little animals that come to the back yard always choose rain water or 
                                filtered water over water from the tap that hasn't been filtered.
               You can try it yourself.  Animals are too smart to drink water that hasn't been cleaned up.
            Put the GardenMate Garden Water Filter on your hose and all your backyard life will be happier.

For Potted Plants
If you use one of these garden water filters for your potted plants, you'll stop getting a salt ring inside your pots. Water that has been filtered in this way will also minimize that sometimes-mysterious leaf burn. Your plants will be more hardy and will shine with a renewed luster.

                                    Replacement Filters - But Not Often

The GardenMate Garden Water Filters are as easy can be to install. Just screw them on to your hose or your outside water bib.  That's it.  You can clean the filter disks by backwashing if you wish, but you don't have to.

There are replaceable filters inside each of these units.  But you won't have to change them out very often.  The filters last through about 20,000 gallons - which is estimated to be normal usage for at least a year.

The GardenMate bib filter comes in two parts, which are separated by loosening 8 short bolts with an allen wrench, which is included.  

                                            Why This Type of Filter?

At we search for great water-related products that are reasonably priced.  And then if we can, we put together a special offer on them for subscribers of The Waterfall, our email magazine.  In our considering many types of water filters, we find very few intended for watering the garden, and of them, this removes the most chlorine. 

We like these garden water filters because they are simple, priced right, and do the job very well. And since you can go a year before replacing the filter, there is no major cost and or hassle to keep them in use for many years.  Also, the pricing for the replacement filter disks is excellent, particularly since you can use one for so long.

Please note that these filters are built sturdy enough to handle any water pressure that you might run through them.  They cannot, however, stand the pressure build-up if you have water running into them, but not out.  In other words, you need to turn the water off before the filter, not after.  So you can't use an on-off valve at the end of your hose.

These are a quality product with a lifetime warranty on the housing.  And as always in purchasing from, if you aren't happy with your purchase for any reason - return it within 90 days for a full refund including original shipping charges.

                                                                   Garden Water Filter Ordering         

                                                                      can be reached in California at

Phone orders at 866-482-6803

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