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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness
Water Filters & Water Purifiers

Radiation Water Filters
Radiation Filters

Use media proven in the industry to remove radiation.
Combine different filtration media to remove ALL THE TYPES of radiation in water!
Several configurations available.

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Radiation Water Filters Info

Water Ball Filter
Instead of a water filter pitcher

Water Filter Pitcher, Filtering Water Pitcher, Water Ball

small and highly effective filter.
water flows right though
into your glass, pitcher, bottle or other container.

UV Water Purifiers

Steripen UV Water Purifiers         Steripen UV Water Purifiers, SIdewinder

Including one that is charged manually by cranking the handle
no batteries or electricity is required -  and one that is charged by solar power.

Make water safe for drinking by eliminating pathogens. Effective on giardia and cryptosporidium, and travel pathogens that cause diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis and polo.  Also effective on disaster risks that cause cholera and other water-borne illnesses.

Steripen UV Water Purifier, Backpacker

Steripen UV Water Purifiers

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   Radiation Filtering Water Bottle
                                      To see other filters appropriate for travel in the store click on Travel Water Filters
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