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Cool Water

THE WATERFALL              


He's the Devil Not a Man, and 
He Spreads the Burning Sand with Water

These were part of the lyrics on one of my Nana's 45 records.  When I visited her home in the mill town of Lawrence Massachusetts, I'd always play her records, and this was one of my favorites.  Another favorite was "I got a rose between my toes from walkin' barefoot through the hothouse to you."   

"All day I faced the barren waste, without a taste of water.  Cool, clear water.  Water.  Water. Old Dan and I with throats burnt dry.  And souls that cry for water, cool clear water. Keep a movin' Dan, he's the devil not a man, and he spreads the burning sand with water.  Water.... Water.... Oh Dan and I, our throats are dry, and we would die, for water."  The song was by Eddy Arnold, with lyrics by Jack Scott.  What has ever captured more dramatically the human need for water?  This sums it up for me.

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While our circumstances may be less dire than Dans, most of us have lost sight of the need for sufficient cool, clear water in our every day lives.  We've created a situation where many are hurting various ways for a lack of water - when water is readily available to us.  Health depends upon water.  And thirst as an indicator is not sufficient to keep us informed of our need to drink more water. 

Dehydration is the cause of many pains and ailments, and water can be the cure.  For one story on how water cured a serious disablement and lots of pain visit the story Wash Your InsidesWe've mentioned before how many headaches are a result of insufficient water to the brain.  The brain is 85% water!  This is the reason that drinking alcohol gives you a hangover the next day.  Alcohol is a drying agent and reduces the water in your brain, leaving pain in its place.  The practice for most of us is take some aspirin or another pain reliever with a glass of water, and usually the headache goes away.  Try drinking a couple of glasses of water without painkillers a few times.  You'll find the headache usually goes away!

Dehydration can also result in asthma and allergies.  Asthma is the body's reaction to not having enough water.  It shuts down the body openings where the body is losing water to keep the water inside.  Antihistamines contribute to the body drying out!  Histamines are the body's tool for regulating water.  Try drinking more clean water every day for a week to see if your asthma improves.  Or your back pain lessens. 

water filter, water filters, save water, filter water, dehydration, asthma

We were raising a little one for a time.  Fallon 'needed' an inhaler before she came to us, and she 'needs' one again now that she is not with us.  How curious that she didn't need one when she was with us.  We totally changed her diet so that she was eating real and whole foods, not processed food.  Lettuce is 95% water and Fallon was happy to eat a good salad.  Carrots are 88% water - and Fallon likes to eat them raw.  Broccoli was well received, and is 89% water.  She loves yogurt; 85%.  And her absolute favorite food is rice - which when served is about 70% water.  Chicken is popular with most kids; roasted without skin it's 65% water.  An apple is 86% water.  And then of course we and she drank water.  We wouldn't let her drink any 'normal' sodas, and only quite limited amounts of organic soda.  Fallon never had one minute of problem breathing when she was with us, including at school.  Now she 'needs' an inhaler.  Of course there are many benefits to the diet she had with us in addition to hydration, including a huge reduction of sugar intake.  The results for Fallon included a much greater ability to focus.   She quickly grew taller and dropped extra weight she had been carrying.  She became less moody and more happy.  Of course there are many factors.  Better diet and adequate water were important ones.

water filter, water filters, save water, filter water, dehydration, asthma        

Two of Fallon's favorite activities were gardening with her Marmi, and cooking with me.

Drink more clean water to improve your health.  Please though, if you haven't already read them, see our pages about why you shouldn't be drinking fluoride at No FluorideAt that page you will see links to other pages and sites about the importance of not drinking fluoride, and not drinking and showering in chlorine.

water filter, water filters, save water, filter water, dehydration, asthma 

Another Nana Story

Nana's husband, my Grandpa, who was a conductor on the Boston & Maine Railroad, taught me how to play Solitaire - the old fashion way with a hand-held deck of cards.  After he died, leaving my Nana alone, I taught her how to play.

Celebrate Water, Filter Water, Save Water

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Water Running Low

The world is running out of water and needs a radical plan to tackle shortages that threaten humanity's ability to feed itself, according to Jeffrey Sachs, director of the UN's Millennium Project. Professor Sachs, the renowned American economist said in Delhi that the world had "no more rivers to take water from".

India and China are facing severe water shortages and neither could use the same strategies for raising food output which has fed millions in recent times. "In 2050 we will have 9 billion people and average income will be four times what it is today," he said. "India and China have been able to feed their populations because they use water in an unsustainable way. That is no longer possible."

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water filter, water filters, save water, filter water, dehydration, asthma

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Dead Ducks in Denver

More than 200 dead ducks have been found in the chlorine contact basin in a two-week period. They are mostly northern shoveler ducks with wide, flat beaks that scrape food from the top of the water.

The area is a popular gathering place for ducks. Warm water and food bring thousands of them to the plant, but officials are doing everything they can to get the birds to leave. They're using propane canons to scare off the ducks in hopes they won't find any more dead.

The plant increased chlorine levels here in mid-December. They've since lowered those levels but so far they can't find any connection. "We have found they have water saturation, which means the water is getting through to their skin, which can cause hypothermia or any other illness to actually effect them," said a Division of Wildlife spokesperson. Testing is underway on the hundreds of birds that have died.

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Chlorine is Carcinogenic

We've added a new page to the website with additional information about Chlorine.

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water filter, water filters, save water, filter water, dehydration, asthma

Iraq Marshes Rebounding

The marshes in the south of Iraq that were 90% drained under Saddam Hussein have been 40% reflooded since he was toppled. These are some of the most wildlife rich sites in the Middle East. Iraq has 387 bird species, many of them native to these marshes formed where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow toward the ocean. The area has been described as the likely location of the biblical Garden of Eden. The "Field Guide to the Birds of Iraq" has been published in Arabic. It is purported to be the first comprehensive and fully illustrated field guide for an Arabic speaking country.

Arsenic Filters for Bangladesh and the World

George Mason Chemistry professor Abul Hussam, originally from Bangladesh, has developed an inexpensive, easy-to-make system for filtering arsenic from well water. The National Academy of Engineering awarded him a $1 million engineering prize for designing the filters. He plans to use most of the money to distribute the filters to needy communities around the world.

water filter, water filters, save water, filter water, dehydration, asthma
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