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Cool Vests

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New in 2013
Dry Kula Vests

Water goes inside and stays there.
You stay dry.

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Basic Evaporative Cool Vests are quite inexpensive and will work to keep you cool for a few up to several hours, depending upon heat and dryness. They cool you by releasing evaporation. Your body really feels the difference, allowing you to go outside when you might not otherwise be able to, or stay outside longer than you would have.

These are excellent for gardening, attending outdoor events, outside work, cycling, motorcycling, and just getting around if you are sensitive to the heat.

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All you have to do is soak then in cool water for a short time, and put them on. We soak them and leave them in the fridge for when we want them - extending the cooling effect.  However, all you need to do is soak them. So you can recharge them fully in a flash, no matter where you are, as long as you access to water.

Available in varying styles and types, different colors and a full range of sizes.

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Evaporative Cooling Vests

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Phase-Cooling Cool Vests

phase-cooling cool vests
Phase Change Cooling Vests work differently than evaporative cooling. You are cooled by ice packs held in pockets in the vest. Your vest stays dry - you don't get wet. No condensation is produced.
We know of several industrial plants whose workers use these.

Phase Change Cooling Vests hold the specific temperature of 58 degrees farenheit (14 celcius).
Cooling continues at the same comfortable level for up to 3 hours.
Phange Cooling Media is non-toxic and non-flammable.
It is durable, reusable and lighter than water.

Easy to Use

Place the inserts in a freezer, or soak in ice water for 45 minutes, until solid.

Return the inserts to the vest pockets.

The packs do solidify quickly, but for continuous relief, we suggest you get an extra set of inserts,
so you can rotate sets.

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              To see sizing charts for these cool vests, click on:  Cool Vest Sizes

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