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What's in your water?
It's time to learn the importance of Filtering your Water!

We mean no offense, but if you don't understand that you should be filtering your water - in nearly all circumstances - then you aren't paying attention.

There are several hundred contaminants shown to be in our water supplies. Any time someone looks, they find they are there!  But hundreds of them are not measured or controlled by municipalities. Many of these are chemicals. Others are organic-based. No one even knows how they might combine or how they can affect the human body.  There is no way that we will know either, since there are endless chemicals that could combine in endless ways.

Chlorine, and in some places chloramine, are added as a a disinfectant. They do that because these disinfectants  can kill living things. That's good to filter out diseases.  But there is no reason why you would want to drink them, absorb them through your skin, or breath them in.

Fluoride is in the majority of municipal water supplies. Our view is that if you want fluoride - go get it.  (We suggest you do some real research before you knowingly add fluoride to your intake however.)  There is no justification for putting medicine in everyone's water. We talk to people all the time who can not be drinking it for health reasons. (The primary risk of fluoride is ingestion.) The good news is it can be filtered out.

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Filter your water!

Save Water. Filter Water. Celebrate Water.

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