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Choose WholeHouse Filter

How to Choose Your Whole House Water Filter

It's really not that hard friends!
Just take a few minutes to read these simple steps.     
This is for people on municipally-treated water, not wells.  If you have a well, get your water tested.

1.  Determine if your municipality uses chloramines or chlorine, AND if they add fluoride.

Do a web search for " 'your town + state' annual water quality report" OR call the number on your water bill to ask them.

2.  Based on the answer to those 2 questions:

a.  If you have chlorine, not chloramines, and no fluoride, this is the best choice:

2-media 1-tank Chlorine Plus.

b.  If you have chloramines (even some of the time) and no fluoride, this is the best choice:

2-media 1-tank Chloramine Plus

c.  If you have Chlorine OR Chloramine AND Fluoride you can select either one of the 2 or 3 tank whole house filters that is described as filtering Fluoride - see them on this page: 

Whole House Filters.


Get a whole house filter for chlorine or chloramines (linked above) and combine with this kitchen filter:

Fluoride Plus Kitchen 2-Canister
Look at your water bill to see how much water you use in a year.

Other Options:


Media lasts for 80,000 gallons.

Small Whole House Alternative

To see the whole house filters key information in a chart form, click here:

Whole House Filters Comparison Chart

Click here to see overview descriptions of whole house water filters on this, the main site: whole house water filters.
We ship whole house filters at no charge within the lower 48 states. 
Any good plumber can install any of them.

                                                      Whole House chlorine chloramine filters                                              .  Small Whole Apartment Filters   


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