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Bath Water Filters

Bath Water Filters and Faucet Bath Balls

The technology in these bath balls, which uses a process-patented FOAM ADVANTAGE disk made of a combination of copper and zinc known as kdf is the best solution we have found for bath filters.  The way the disks in these bath filters is processed makes them more effective than other kdf bath water filters with what appears to be an equal amount of kdf.  These bath water filters filter chlorine very effectively, and also reduce iron, lead, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide and many other problem contaminants from your water. KDF FOAM ADVANTAGE water filters are now also available with the addition of FOAM ADVANTAGE powderized and shaped activated carbon.  This carbon, effective in hot water, additionally filters chlorine and organic contaminants.

We now also have a version for removing chloramine. Chloramine is a disinfectant that is a combination of chlorine and ammonia now used by many municipalities.

These products reduce aluminum, mercury, sulfur and many other undesirable compounds. They are very effective against scale - that white buildup you get on your showerhead and in the bathtub.  

Foam Advantage water filters are the most efficient, longest lasting and lowest maintenance water filter media available.  The power disks work best because the copper-zinc alloy has no pores that plug up, has no membranes to replace, and remains bacteriostatic (bacteria can't breed).  Replace the bath water filter disk inside once a year. The media is non-hazardous, non-corrosive and is recyclable.

Fluoride Water Filters

Fluoride is considered very dangerous. In November 2006 the American Dental Association reversed itself and said that the ingestion of fluoride is too dangerous for babies.  There are several other fluoride risks, too, including that it can be carcinogenic.  There is more research every year showing fluoride risks. Click here to learn more about fluoride dangers.

However, with fluoride, the primary health risk is through ingestion, not through showering or bath water.  Fluoride, unlike chlorine, is not released into the water and air as fumes.  It travels through water as part of a metallic compound, and therefore doesn't release into the air like chlorine, nor is the large molecule readily absorbed through the skin.

We talk to many people about these issues, including those who were over-fluoridated and with severe sensitivities.  Most have been able to address their health issues by taking the fluoride out of their drinking and cooking water.  Occasionally, we speak with someone who does have a direct reaction to fluoride from showing or bathing in fluoridated water.   Those seem to be skin issues only as far as we can tell.

We don't know of any bath water filters that eliminate fluoride. If you feel you must remove fluoride from your bath and shower water, after many years, we do have whole house filter systems and whole house fluoride filters to effectively filter fluoride, chlorine and hundreds of other contaminants.

EPA & NSF Standards

These bath water filters release healthy trace elements of zinc and copper into your bathing water.  Both are necessary for healthy body functions.  These are defined as food supplements and nutrients by the Food and Drug Administration.

For detailed information about bath and shower water filters, email us at or call us toll-free at 866-482-6803.

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